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  1. komisi7.com, Sumber Daya Energi dari Rakyat untuk Rakyat
  2. http://www.1energyportal.net/
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  3. IBEKA (Yayasan Institut Bisnis & Ekonomi Kerakyatan)

    Since establishment, Institut Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan (called IBEKA) or in English as People Centered Economic and Business Institute, together with JICA, GTZ, TEPCO, UN ESCAP,and other partners were closely cooperates each other and success in the various community development projects and energy in Indonesia. Its duly realized that intensive ‘technology transfer’ is required to pursue the demands of various projects and that utilization of local resources is comprehensively enhanced for the growing of living standard of Rural Communities in the fields from the micro hydro projects and other related energy projects.

    IBEKA, basically is an NGO (Non Government Organization) which deals to the Economics and energy issues in the rural area. IBEKA main activities are: Implementing rural electrification using renewable energy, building infrastructure for village development, research on the source of renewable energy, developers and trainers on mini-micro hydro activity, creating economic activity in the rural area

    One of the instruments to reach the goal above is the implementation of appropriate technology on the villager’s daily activities and the most powerful instrument is Micro Power Plant (MHP), which is not only giving
    a direct benefit to the villagers, it is also for the surrounding environment. With the MHP, villagers could develop their capability not only in technical aspect, but it also in managerial aspect relate to the consumer’s organization. The condition above makes IBEKA being more confident to deals with MHP business for community development in 1992 (then followed by Clean Water Supply System began at 1999) and other energy project. Since there, more than 40 power houses spread on the provinces of Aceh, West Sumatera, South Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Timur, South Sumatera, West Java were constructed, and each capacitated below 250 kilo Watt. Each power house are managed and maintained by Village Electricit Consumer Group or Village Cooperation Unit (KUD).

    Standing on these micro hydro and energy activities, IBEKA hopes that the empowerment on the improvement of economic situation will reached in the near future.


  1. Program Pengembangan Edukasi Energi Nasional di Amerika, National Energy Development Project, http://www.need.org/