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The WaterBase project is an ongoing project of the United Nations University. Its aim is to advance the practice of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in developing countries.

Predictive modelling and decision support for water management in developing countries are plagued with a number of related problems: lack of money, lack of expertise, inadequate training capacity, dependence on experts from other countries. At the same time water resources are under increasing pressure, and aquatic ecosystems are being damaged by people who lack the resources to explore the consequences of decisions before they are made.

The WaterBase project aims to provide

  • A set of tools for modelling and decision support. Current tools are:
    • The MapWindow/SWAT interface tool MWSWAT
    • The SWAT visualisation tools SWATPlot and SWATGraph
    • The MapWindow/AGNPS interface tool MWAGNPS
  • A collection of IWRM resources: data, web sites, tools, literature, training material, etc. There is already a collection of global data available: elevation maps, soil, landuse, river basins, and weather.
  • A community of partners who can provide advice, support, contribute to tools and resources.