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City Provides Four Hospitals for Flood Victims

BERITAJAKARTA.COM — 10/31/2011 6:41:16 PM

In order to help the flood victims, Jakarta Provincial Government is providing healthcare posts in the location and preparing several hospitals for sick victims during and after flood. For flood victims in Pondok Labu Urban Village, the government provides four hospitals, namely Fatmawati hospital, Marinir Cilandak hospital, Pertamina hospital and Pasar Rebo hospital. The government will also gives free treatment service in those hospitals.

Dien Emmawati as Head of Jakarta Health Department stated that do far, her department have opened healthcare posts in RT 09 and RT 12 RW 11. As much as 23 flood victims are also handled by two veterinarians and two paramedics.

“We also provide medicine supplies. Even, we have prepared four hospitals to handle the flood victims for free,” she continued in Jakarta City Hall, Monday (10/31).

Besides, her department has also prepared anticipations when flood starts receding by giving floor cleaner liquid and abate to all residents whose houses are inundated to prevent bacterial and diarrhea.

Fadjar Panjaitan as Jakarta District Secretary (Sekda) explained that flood in RW 11 Pondok Labu, yesterday (10/30) caused by overflown Krukut river. The overflow caused by high rain intensity in upstream area and not sent from Bogor. “Normally, Krukut River is only able to collect rainwater with volume 5-10 millimeter per hour. While, last night, the rain collect up to 108 millimeter per hour. As a result, Krukut River was overflown,” he added.

He stressed that his department have handled and anticipate flood based on Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) of local disaster management for Jakarta.

Until now, the residents who have evacuated to safe place are 1,268 people or 358 families (KK) consists of 235 toddlers. There are 325 inundated houses which scattered in RT 09, RT 10, RT 11, RT 12 and RT 14 RW 11. “We try to avoid vigorous flood in Bangkok from happening in Jakarta. Therefore, various efforts of flood handling and prevention are optimized because of high rain intensity will happens in January-February 2012 in Jakarta,” he stressed.

This time, residents have been evacuated in several locations on Jalan Bango 2, Jalan Bango 4, Darussalam Mosque, Security Post of RT 11/03 and a church in the area. Besides, public kitchen was already built last night. We are also provided fast food for flood victims,” he added.

Kian Kelana as Jakarta Head of Social Department asserted that South Jakarta Social Sub-Department has built public kitchen tent at 2.10 AM. Since morning, the public kitchen has served 1,000 rice boxes. These public kitchens can cook five thousand rice boxes of fast food for the victims.